The After Taste of Black Panther in the Diaspora

  My fingers have been buzzing to write about the Black Panther film that I watched just over two weeks ago. It’s now common knowledge that the film has had a great reception all over the African diaspora and worldwide. The film tapped into the collective unconscious of the Black psyche, a people hungry toContinue reading “The After Taste of Black Panther in the Diaspora”

What can emotional words in Yoruba tell us about how mental health is perceived in Nigerian culture?

  In order fully understand mental health, I believe we need to gain an understanding of our unique cultural context. Our culture plays a big role in constructing what emotions we even experience and what feelings we deem acceptable or not. There are six main emotions found in most cultures sadness, happiness, surprise, disgust, angerContinue reading “What can emotional words in Yoruba tell us about how mental health is perceived in Nigerian culture?”

My reflections from my trip to Gambia

I recently took a trip to Gambia the smiling coast of west Africa. It was a beautiful distraction I needed from the my dull grey British life. It’s a country with amazing history and beauty. I can say hands down it’s the best holiday. There is so much I would like to write but IContinue reading “My reflections from my trip to Gambia”

Heart broken, Goal crushed, Dreams on hold?

Have you been so convinced of something and then it doesn’t work out? Or had a goal to achieve but it completely flopped? Confused when your time will come? Your soul has been crushed, confidence knocked, hope gone. That’s how I’ve been feeling lately. I’ve been trying to move forward in my life but itContinue reading “Heart broken, Goal crushed, Dreams on hold?”