All Things Jinn- My Masters Thesis

What comes to mind when you think of Jinns….. perhaps fear, maybe that Jinn story your cousin told you as a child, black magic, the unseen world, maybe even genie from Alaadin. Most Muslims and even Non-Muslims that are from Africa or Asia come from cultures were the belief in the unseen, spiritual world isContinue reading “All Things Jinn- My Masters Thesis”

African model of the psyche and psychotherapy

When I read Dr Erica Mapule Mcinnis’s article Understanding African beingness and becoming in last month’s Therapy Today magazine. I became inspired to research more about African oriented psychotherapy and the history of the study. I discovered that psychologists and psychotherapists of African descent have been interested in studying the African psyche in land and inContinue reading “African model of the psyche and psychotherapy”

How does nutrition affect our mental health?

Lately, I have been more conscious about what I feed myself and how it affects how I feel. A lot of the times when we talk about mental health we think about the social, economic, psychological and biological factors. But not often do we think about nutrition. Our second brain is in our gut, theContinue reading “How does nutrition affect our mental health?”

Understanding Suicide as a Muslim

Recently there has been a lot of press about suicide in the Muslim community due to the unfortunate suicide act in Mecca. Although it was very heartbreaking, it sparked conversations and raised more awareness about mental health in our communities. Particularly how faith and religiosity interacts with mental health. As a MA student in psychodynamicContinue reading “Understanding Suicide as a Muslim”

The Psychology of Faith

As a psychology student, I learn about different approaches/theories about the structure of personality and how defects in this can lead to mental health. Some evidence points to genetic causes, bad childhood, environmental stress etc. One of the most prominent approaches is Freud’s psychodynamic theory which is based on the Id, ego and superego. TheContinue reading “The Psychology of Faith”

The taboo of Islam and suicide

Although I work in the mental health field this is a topic I have not really given much thought about until recently when I found about a close friend of mine attempted suicide. I was so shocked and distraught when I heard the news. In addition, I was even more concerned as this person isContinue reading “The taboo of Islam and suicide”

What are the Different Types of Psychotherapy/Counselling?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) History and underlying theory: This originates from the 1950 with Skinner and Pavlov classical and operant conditioning, behaviours can be explained through positive and negative reinforcements and conditioning. Later on in the 60s Beck and Ellis added in the role of cognitions which is a fancy way of saying thoughts theyContinue reading “What are the Different Types of Psychotherapy/Counselling?”