African model of the psyche and psychotherapy

When I read Dr Erica Mapule Mcinnis’s article Understanding African beingness and becoming in last month’s Therapy Today magazine. I became inspired to research more about African oriented psychotherapy and the history of the study. I discovered that psychologists and psychotherapists of African descent have been interested in studying the African psyche in land and inContinue reading “African model of the psyche and psychotherapy”

Introspecting on my Identity in light of Black history month

  My identity is still something I find myself grappling as Black Muslim Nigerian Yoruba woman sometimes it can feel really overbearing. But I love the richness it brings to my life and I believe my life would be so boring otherwise. As I settle into London life I reflect back on my experience upContinue reading “Introspecting on my Identity in light of Black history month”

The struggles of being a Single Muslim Woman

Is it a crime to be a single independent female in the Muslim community? That’s the question I ask myself nearly every time I go to the mosque. I’m currently living in a small town in northern England which I moved to due to work. As a practising Muslim in a very white working classContinue reading “The struggles of being a Single Muslim Woman”