Maryam (Mary ra) the mother of Isa (Jesus RA)

As Muslims we often hear about the story of Maryam (ra) but we rarely truly take inspiration from it. All we know is that she was a virgin and the mother of Isa (ra). Today I want to share with you the lessons I found from reading her story in surah Imran and surah Maryam.Continue reading “Maryam (Mary ra) the mother of Isa (Jesus RA)”

The Psychology of Faith

As a psychology student, I learn about different approaches/theories about the structure of personality and how defects in this can lead to mental health. Some evidence points to genetic causes, bad childhood, environmental stress etc. One of the most prominent approaches is Freud’s psychodynamic theory which is based on the Id, ego and superego. TheContinue reading “The Psychology of Faith”

Reading Buchi Emecheta

Although I’ve heard of the Nigerian Igbo writer Buchi Emecheta it wasn’t until I walked past her poster in my university library at Goldsmiths commemorating her death, that I finally made the effort to read her book. I randomly firstly went for Second Class Citizen which then led me to a Head Above Water and thenContinue reading “Reading Buchi Emecheta”

The After Taste of Black Panther in the Diaspora

  My fingers have been buzzing to write about the Black Panther film that I watched just over two weeks ago. It’s now common knowledge that the film has had a great reception all over the African diaspora and worldwide. The film tapped into the collective unconscious of the Black psyche, a people hungry toContinue reading “The After Taste of Black Panther in the Diaspora”

The taboo of Islam and suicide

Although I work in the mental health field this is a topic I have not really given much thought about until recently when I found about a close friend of mine attempted suicide. I was so shocked and distraught when I heard the news. In addition, I was even more concerned as this person isContinue reading “The taboo of Islam and suicide”

What are the Different Types of Psychotherapy/Counselling?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) History and underlying theory: This originates from the 1950 with Skinner and Pavlov classical and operant conditioning, behaviours can be explained through positive and negative reinforcements and conditioning. Later on in the 60s Beck and Ellis added in the role of cognitions which is a fancy way of saying thoughts theyContinue reading “What are the Different Types of Psychotherapy/Counselling?”

Book Review of The Good Immigrant

  The Good Immigrant is a brilliant collection of stories from young people from different ethnicities about their experiences living in Britain. For me this book represented many of the different experiences that I’ve had but also taught me about what people from other ethnic groups apart from my own and what they go through.Continue reading “Book Review of The Good Immigrant”

Introspecting on my Identity in light of Black history month

  My identity is still something I find myself grappling as Black Muslim Nigerian Yoruba woman sometimes it can feel really overbearing. But I love the richness it brings to my life and I believe my life would be so boring otherwise. As I settle into London life I reflect back on my experience upContinue reading “Introspecting on my Identity in light of Black history month”