All Things Jinn- My Masters Thesis

What comes to mind when you think of Jinns….. perhaps fear, maybe that Jinn story your cousin told you as a child, black magic, the unseen world, maybe even genie from Alaadin. Most Muslims and even Non-Muslims that are from Africa or Asia come from cultures were the belief in the unseen, spiritual world isContinue reading “All Things Jinn- My Masters Thesis”

Book review of the River Between by Ngugi wa Thiong’o

I first heard of Ngugi wa Thiong’o through social media and knew he was my kind of guy, I love any book about Africa, identity and colonisation. So, I picked up one of his smallest books I could find in my university library only 152 pages long.  The river between is written in 1965, it is a fictional story based on real life eventsContinue reading “Book review of the River Between by Ngugi wa Thiong’o”

My experience of viewing The Judge with Amaliah LushX

  I went to see the amazing screening of The Judge at LushX.  Who knew Lush had a film festival? And in true Lush style it wasn’t just a standard cinema, there was popcorn served in recycled lush pots, their bathroom full of lush products to pamper yourself. The screening room had a nice communalContinue reading “My experience of viewing The Judge with Amaliah LushX”

African model of the psyche and psychotherapy

When I read Dr Erica Mapule Mcinnis’s article Understanding African beingness and becoming in last month’s Therapy Today magazine. I became inspired to research more about African oriented psychotherapy and the history of the study. I discovered that psychologists and psychotherapists of African descent have been interested in studying the African psyche in land and inContinue reading “African model of the psyche and psychotherapy”

Book review of Natives by Akala

I’ve been a fan of Akala for a while. I discovered him on BBC 1 extra fire in the booth and was immediately drawn to his powerful lyrics. His rap doesn’t follow the normal trajectory of modern hip pop instead he raps about class, pan-Africanism, colonialism and his Jamaican and Scottish roots. I always learnContinue reading “Book review of Natives by Akala”

Nine things I’ve learnt from reading the autobiography of Malcolm X

Nine things I’ve learnt from reading the autobiography of Malcolm X I’ve been re-reading a lot of my old favourites this summer. I believe our perception of a text is tainted by our beliefs, values and our current life circumstances. Therefore, each time I read a book I gain different perspective that I didn’t theContinue reading “Nine things I’ve learnt from reading the autobiography of Malcolm X”

How does nutrition affect our mental health?

Lately, I have been more conscious about what I feed myself and how it affects how I feel. A lot of the times when we talk about mental health we think about the social, economic, psychological and biological factors. But not often do we think about nutrition. Our second brain is in our gut, theContinue reading “How does nutrition affect our mental health?”

Understanding Suicide as a Muslim

Recently there has been a lot of press about suicide in the Muslim community due to the unfortunate suicide act in Mecca. Although it was very heartbreaking, it sparked conversations and raised more awareness about mental health in our communities. Particularly how faith and religiosity interacts with mental health. As a MA student in psychodynamicContinue reading “Understanding Suicide as a Muslim”

Surah Mujadila- The Pleading Woman

Recently I stumbled across a surah mujadila, a surah I’ve never heard of or read about. I was immediately intrigued by the title ‘pleading woman’. The surah begins by saying “Certainly has Allah heard the speech of the one who argues with you, [O Muhammad], concerning her husband and directs her complaint to Allah. AndContinue reading “Surah Mujadila- The Pleading Woman”