Black Muslim

I’m Black, African and Muslim
You heard me correctly
Is that an oxymoron?
Does that not fit into your box?
I’m I not Asian enough for you?
Arab enough for you?
Brown enough for you?
Well tell me tell you?
About Bilal the black slave
And what a beautiful voice he gave
With his mighty words he refused to be enslaved
1st muezzin of Islam calls which we still hear today
And yes he was a black slave
So let me tell you about Mansa Musa
A 14th century king who went to Mecca
Establishing learning centres in Timbuktu
People came from a far whether Christian, Hindu or Jew
He gave away plenty of gold
Imagine what he would ensue
Why is so little known?
Is it because he was a darker hue
Have I now proven that I’m Muslim enough for you now?
That being black and Muslim is compatible
Islam has grasped the coast West Africa since the 9th AD
Have I proven that I’m now Muslim enough for you?
Christianity only arriving in West Africa with the slave ships too
Taking the hearts of Africa Muslims to different places
Trying to eradicate their races

-By Kawthar and Maryam

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